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gymnasticclaims's Journal

Gymnastics Claims
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--1) It's 3 claim total per person, kapeesh?
2) You may claim anything GYMNASTICS RELATED that your little heart desires. (This can include the beam at the Athens Olympics, Nadia Comaneci's 7 perfect tens, etc)
3) Make all claims in one post; It'll save me time and make the page alot less cluttered
4) Check the claims list before you post your claims.
5) Do not give another person flack if they claimed what you wanted to. Get over it and find something else to claim.
6) If you leave the community, you no longer have your claims and they are up for grabs.
7) You may not change claims. I hate seeing posts in comms I'm in where people are like "I'd like to change my claim from this to this." It pisses me off....
8) If you make a banner or icon, you will get another claim. But I have to accept your banner or icon first.
9) If you break a rule, you will get a warning. The second time you break a rule, you get banned.
10) I, as your maintainer, get unlimited claims.

LJ: rosesdielikeyou
AIM: PrincessxReject
Email: princessxreject@hotmail.com